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Industrial Sector

Triax Metal Products Building


The Triax facility is a 65,000 square foot facility located at 1880 SW Merlo, Beaverton. The facility was constructed over 25 years ago and has gone through several renovations. The facility has about 4,000 square feet that is used for office space. The balance of the facility is production and assembly area. Rooftop package units (RTU) provide all cooling and heating for the facility. MSE evaluated the following energy efficient measures for the facility:


  • Install high efficiency chiller (0.62 kW/ton) and air handling units to replace existing rooftop package units

  • Replace constant volume air distribution system with variable air volume reheat air distribution system

  • Install VSD on AHUs serving the VAV reheat system in EEM-2

  • Install Direct Digital Control (DDC) system

  • Replace electric resistance heating system with high efficiency condensing boiler and hydronic heating loop

  • Install air curtains on overhead doors

  • Install run-around heat recovery system on MUA-1

  • Install R-19 insulation in ceiling of high bay production area

  • Install de-stratification fans in high bay production areas